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  The First 100 Days  FOX News  April 28, 2017 4:02pm-4:16pm PDT

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earlier today he spoke about both. >> president trump: i think i've developed tremendous relationships throughout the world, that's something that -- we have this artificial barrier called 100 days which i'm not a big fan of. >> martha: you made a pretty good effort to get a lot of things done. >> president trump: it is very much an artificial barrier but a lot of things can't be determined. as an example, i've made a tremendous and created great foundations in terms of relations with china and japan and many, many other countries. you are saying yourself on the show the other night there's never been relationship like we've had with china, look at what they're doing, they are putting a lot of pressure on north korea. i really like president presid.
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it might be a much difficult ending, to be honest, but he's trying. he's a friend of mine and i really like him a lot. we'll see what happens, but i've set the foundations for a lot of great relationships in the future. i have tremendous feelings for a lot of the people running the countries of this world. that's a good thing, you don't measure that in the first 100 days but those foundations have been set in the first 100 days. getting a supreme court justice, a great one, i think you'll be a great one. getting him not only nominated but approved in the first 100 days it hasn't been done since 1881. it's going to be something real special. every time there is a 5-4 decision in favor of what our views are and this is for the next 30 or 40 years potentially, you can say that you had a major part in it. i've always said had to bring a
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supreme court justice, getting supreme court justices confirmed. i could have others, we'll see what happens. getting justice gore such confirmed was to me a very big thing and it will be a very big thing in the future. >> martha: you are a long time, no republican president of the united states, people say president trump isn't an ideologue, how would you describe your political philosophy? >> president trump: i think i'm a person of common sense more than anything else. i was a democrat, i lived in manhattan. i started in queens with my parents and when i started doing better and better deals, i moved into manhattan, things are not exactly flourishing. i started off as a democrat like ronald reagan was also a democrat. over the years, your views it
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just changes somewhat. i think more than anything else on my person of common sense. i understand what has to be done, i get things done i've always been a closer. we don't have a lot of closers in politics and i understand why. it's a very rough system, it's an archaic system. you look at the rules of the senate, even the rules of the house, it's really a bad thing for the country in my opinion. archaic rules. maybe at some point you were going to have to take those rules on for the good of the nation things will have to be different. you can't go through process like this. it's not fair, it forces you to make bad decisions. you're forced into doing things that you would normally not do except for these archaic rules. >> martha: like what, how would you change them? >> president trump: you look at the voting a new look at the filibuster system. it used to be i always thought of filibuster you stand up and you talk all day. >> martha: you don't have to
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do that anymore. >> president trump: you say filibuster guys sit home and watch television and whatever they do. i think the filibuster concept is not a good concept to start out with. if you're going to filibuster, let somebody stand up for 20 hours and talk and do what they have to do, even if they are reading comic books to everybody, let them do it. with so many bad concepts in our rules it's forcing bad decision decisions, i've seen it over the years. when bad decisions are made, decisions that nobody wanted are made because of archaic rules, i think that's something i think we're going to have to change. >> martha: you really try to make a lot of moves to shrink the size of government, to shrink the size of the bureaucracy. but people say why not be concerned about the deficit? why allow it to balloon with this tax reform. why not touch entitlements. unless you do that, you're not really ever going to take a bite
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out of the spending. >> president trump: i'm not touching social security other than fraud, waste, and abuse. i will tell you this, look. we just put in a great tax proposal, the economy is going to boom and you will see that. it will take a period of time and he will have some deficits in the meantime it's called priming the pump, you have to prime the pump. the numbers just came out yesterday. 1.6 gdp last year under president obama. 1.6%, that is a horrible number. i call up leaders of the countries because i'm so friendly with so many leaders like i said and i say how are you doing? "we are not doing well, we are not doing well, we are very upset. gdp is 8%. gdp is seven, gdp is 11. "here we are at essentially 1% of gdp and were supposed to be happy about it? we have to prime the pump.
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a lot of other things are happening. were going to be doing trade bills you see what's happening with all the trade deals which are just horrible we have a lot of money pouring into our country you wouldn't get gdp from the 1% quote 1.5% i say for because i really believe it. we say 3% but i say four. >> martha: for buy one? >> president trump: over the next few years. there is no reason we shouldn't be able to get at some point into the future to five and above. we need better trade deals, we lose a fortune with every country. i've been talking about china for years. i speak nicely about china because i believe they're trying to help out with respects to north korea but the trade deficit with china is hundreds of billions of dollars. the trade deficit with mexico as close to $70 billion, even with candidates $17 billion trade deficit with canada. the lumber pouring into our
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country, all of the things coming in from canada, it's not reciprocal. the word i like to use is reciprocal. if we had a reciprocal nature to our trade deals it would be a whole different ball game, but that's very unfair. and we never, ever seem to have a surplus with countries. it's not good happen anymore. >> martha: in terms of legislation your courtesy everywhere on saturday there's no major legislation passed in the first 100 days. >> president trump: that's wrong, we had a 28 bills. i was with a reporter the other day, was of the same thing you didn't pass anything. no, we passed 28 bills, these are bills passed by the legislature. i'm not talking about executive orders which are equally as important. we talk about the bills passed we could have 32 with the next two days.
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this reporter said i don't believe it. they went back and checked, you actually passed -- >> martha: you are right. tax reform, health care, immigration reform? >> >> president trump: were doig well on them. >> martha: my question for you is on congress, you said i'm doing great deals on congress, are you disappointed with how the republicans have handled the big issues. there was a suggestion it might happen today but now it's not going to happen. >> president trump: i'm disappointed it doesn't go quicker. i like them a lot, i have great relationships, must of them i don't even know. many of them, like the freedom caucus came, we love our president were doing this for our president, you look at the moderates, they have different views. i have a party that's coming to a lot of territory, they have different views, i'm disappointed.
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paul ryan is trying very, very hard. i think everybody is trying very hard. it's a very tough system. we are with obstructionists. i don't have one the democratic vote. obamacare is exploding, obamacare is dead essentially it's dead is not going to make it. i went to tennessee two weeks ago, half the states don't have any insurance companies. it's a disaster in terms of the insurance companies are all going to be pulling out. many, many states you don't have insurance companies, obama obae is dead, the democrats know it. because of the hard time republicans have had getting their hands around this thing which shouldn't be because i want said it's complicated it's not complicated compared to other things being complicated it's not that hard. i was disappointed they didn't have more in line by time they walked in. but obamacare took 17 months of
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brutality to get approved. they ended up giving nebraska the nebraska deal, frankly that senator wasn't even that popular made one of the best deals, what they did for the state of nebraska. i will tell you this, i will tell you commits took 17 months to get obamacare approved. what we're talking about is far better than obamacare, it's an incredible bill. we have a good shot of getting it approved by the house. 100 days it don't worry about it, you don't have to take the boat today, -- >> martha: i want to know about the leadership of this, after the first health care bill does not pass you said i have complete confidence in paul ryan. do you still have complete confidence that he can get these moderates on board with the house freedom caucus because you've got to get everybody up on the raft. >> president trump: he's a good man is under tremendous amount of pressure. i do have confidence in him, i have confidence in the freedom
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caucus people, mark meadows and jim jordan and all of the different -- all of the different guys. i have confidence in them, i have great confidence in the moderates. these are great, great people, martha mcsorley. she flew jet fighters, she told me more about jets. they're all great people. >> martha: they're going to get it done. >> president trump: i believe are going to get it done. it >> martha: time frame? >> president trump: next week. it's very interesting, they're getting together and they never had a government, they always had obama and they didn't have the senate. they always could vote no and do whatever they want to do, nobody cared. it didn't matter. all of a sudden, we're governin governing. i told him, we are now covering. >> martha: a lot of people said they had all these years to put these bills together. >> president trump: it's a culture shock for them, didn't matter if they voted yes or no because obama was good to reject it anyway.
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they wouldn't get it through the senate. >> martha: maybe they didn't know you were going to win so they weren't ready. >> president trump: some of them knew i was going to win because they saw the crowds. i had great support for both groups. these are great people, they have different views but their views are coming together. i think you're going to see, they are now starting to govern. it's a big difference. whether it's freedom or the moderates, they could always vote no. they knew the senate was going to reject it because they didn't have the senate and even if something happened in the senate, obama was good to be told, now what matters. >> president trump: >> martha: e member of congress who said the president's approval numbers are in the high 40s, i'm not necessarily going to bend to his will on tax reform and health care, i might lose my own election at home, even have the numbers to make it important for them to come along with you? >> president trump: approval is in the high 40s, every network that you see with the exception of fox, fox has been fair. every network that you see hits
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me on every topic, made up stories like russia, i caught the fake russia story. russia story was made up because they were embarrassed by their loss. they had a tremendous loss, a loss like nobody has ever seen before. the democrats should never lose the electoral college because they automatically start with new york, california, and illinois. it's impossible for republican to win. not only did i won i won easily. they made up this russia thing to try and deflect because they're embarrassed by what happened. all you see is the russia story, you see all of these other phony stories. it's so bad for me to have a great approval records in light of all the faux press and the fake press i think is amazing. i will say this, we had a case where i got involved the last few days in atlanta, i'm going there today he looked like he
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was going to win he had about 56% of the vote, we have no way democratic congressman. i did a robo call, i did some tweets, i did some interviews, he didn't get the number and i believe she's going to win, and might